Revive Ultra Lean Protein Shake Vanilla


Weight management & Toning support

Revive’s Ultra Lean Premium Collagen Protein Shake is an extraordinary blend, scientifically formulated to support weight management, body toning, and your inherent beauty. This advanced formula contains a blend of premium protein with our clinically proven Ultra Sculpt multifunctional body toning and sculpting collagen peptides, digestive enzymes, L-carnitine, green tea extract and hyaluronic acid for enhanced protein absorption, joint support, muscle recovery and fat metabolism.


With a delightful creamy Vanilla milkshake flavour, Revive Ultra Lean Weight Loss & Toning Protein Shake empowers your journey towards a more sculpted you.





  • Scientifically Formulated for Weight Loss.
  • Zero Added Sugars (Less than 1g per serving).
  • High in Fibre and Zinc.
  • DigeZyme® Digestive Enzymes for Superior Absorption and non-bloating.
  • Beauty and Joint Support with Hyaluronic Acid.
  • L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extracts.


RECOMMENDED USE: Combine 2 round scoops (30 g) to 250 ml of cold water / fat- free milk or milk alternative. Shake well. Can be taken 30 mins prior to / directly after workout.


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