HA Hero Serum 30ml


The intensive remedy for dehydrated, dry skin and dehydration wrinkles.

It long lastingly tightens the skin, smoothing fine lines, for smooth, plump skin protected from dehydrating external agents. Its mini hyaluronic acid, with a very low molecular weight and a very high penetration capacity. It is able to promote the regeneration processes of the deepest layers of the skin and stimulate the production of ‘new matter’ with a marked filling, plumping and anti-wrinkle action whose effectiveness has been rigorously proven with instrumental tests. Rapidly absorbed texture with a memory effect: even hours after application, its protective film is felt on the skin on contact with water.

Colourless, with no perfume.

HOW TO USE IT:  Morning and evening, apply a few drops onto cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté from the centre of the face towards the contours and from the neck towards the décolleté, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. Pat with your fingers to aid absorption. Do not massage for long or circular strokes, which could cause the transparent film of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid that will form on the skin to crumble (do not massage for long periods of time even if cream or other cosmetics are applied immediately afterwards).

30ml Dropper Bottle

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