Supreme Uniforming Illuminating Cream SPF50


Anti-dark spot and colour-corrective with DetoxLIGHT

A daily photoprotection treatment with anti-wrinkle, anti-spot, uniforming and illuminating properties. With stabilised vitamin C and DetoxLIGHT it is effective against all types of dark spots: sun spots, age spots, post-infiammatory hyperpigmentation, dark spots caused by a build-up of lipofuscin (orange-coloured age spots also found on the hands), and melasma. Its perfecting pigments brighten grey, yellow, dull-looking skin, for a radiant, even complexion. Non-greasy, rapidly-absorbed texture. Buildable, universal colour suitable for all complexions. Formulated with new-generation broad-spectrum (UV-blue light-IR), environmentally-friendly photostable filters.


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