Prodigieuse Boost Eye Balm Gel


Prodigieuse Boost Multi-correction Eye Balm Gel

This eye gel acts like an instant booster for beautiful, brighter and more radiant-looking eyes.

Puffiness and dark circles are reduced, the eye area is smoothed and eyes look refreshed. With an anti-oxidant Jasmine extract and botanical caffeine.
Its refreshing balm gel texture and light scent have been specifically developed for the eye area.

HOW TO USE: Take up the equivalent of 2 grains of rice of eye cream, distribute the product over your index fingers and gently dab over the bony area below both eyes. Place your index fingers in the inner corners of your eyes and make 3 smoothing movements from the inner centre to the outer corner of the eye. Repeat 3 times below the arch of the brow without applying additional product (avoiding the upper eyelid). Then make firm circular movements over the crow’s feet area. Finish by lightly tapping with your fingertips. Ideally in the morning and at night.


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