Huile Prodigieuse Discovery Kit – limited edition


Enjoy the legendary scent of the Huile Prodigieuse®. A perfect set to take away on holiday.

Savour the intense sensoriality of the Prodigieuse® range with its iconic scent: Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla.
This pouch contains:
1 Prodigieux® shower oil 30 ml
1 Huile Prodigieuse® 30 ml
1 Prodigieux® le parfum 15 ml
1 Prodigieux® scented body lotion 30 ml


Prodigieux® shower oil: Apply Prodigieux® shower oil to damp skin, massage and then rinse.
Huile Prodigieuse®: Use Huile Prodigieuse® all year round, winter and summer, on your face, body and hair.
Prodigieux® le parfum: Spray Prodigieux® le parfum a few centimetres from the skin, focusing on your neck and wrists.
Prodigieux® scented body lotion: Apply Prodigieux® scented body lotion in the morning and/or evening to your entire body as required.

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